Following extubation a patient has moderate stridor. The patient’s Spo2 on 0.30 FiO2 cool aerosol face mask is 95%. The patient’s heart rate is 90/min and respiratory rate is 20/min. What should the respiratory therapist recommend NEXT?

  1. Intubation and mechanical ventilation
  2. Chest physiotherapy
  3. Racemic epinephrine
  4. Cromolyn Sodium

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Recommend racemic epinephrine


  1. Intubation and mechanical ventilation is incorrect because the patient’s vital signs are stable. Moderate stridor can be treated with racemic epinephrine first as long as the patient is stable. 

  2. Chest physiotherapy is incorrect because it will not relieve stridor.

  3. In this stable patient, racemic epinephrine can be used to reduce glottic edema which is associated with post extubation stridor.

  4. Cromolyn sodium is incorrect because it is a mast cell inhibitor indicated to prevent and control chronic asthma symptoms. It will not treat stridor.