No one has ever said they wish respiratory therapy was more complicated

Our goals are to make learning respiratory therapy less painful and less confusing. We also want to have fun, do exceptional work, treat people right, have a positive impact on the respiratory community, give back, and keep learning.

Our Mission

Respiratory Cram is dedicated to improving the lives of current respiratory therapy students and current RRT’s working in the field of respiratory therapy.

Respiratory therapy is full of very complex concepts that are both difficult to grasp and to teach. We exist solely to make these concepts easier to understand.

Our Story

In the winter of 2014, inspired by my sister’s never ending enthusiasm and can do attitude, I published my first book; ventilator modes made easy. My goal was to take some of the confusion out surrounding ventilator modes and to explain complicated ventilator topics in plain simple language. I was proud of what I wrote but I had no idea other people would like it, or even buy it.  To my great surprise, the book became a bestseller in respiratory therapy and received positive feedback and reviews.

I was excited to have been able to help other therapists and set out to write more books.

Several years later, I  had written a total of 8 books and decided to expand my teachings to help respiratory therapy students pass their board exams including the TMC-RRT and clinical simulation exam, the CSE.  

Having successfully brought affordable and effective board exam prep to respiratory students I decided to embark on a new journey and formed the Respiratory Cram website. My goal is to build a tremendous team of respiratory educators who work every day to live and breathe our mission.

We soon will be thrilled to welcome our respiratory therapy students to join our Respiratory Cram student membership where students can view videos, listen to audio recordings, complete workbooks and practice absorbing the complex and not so complex topics in respiratory therapy as part of their weekly study routine.