An unconscious patient arrives in the emergency department following a motor vehicle accident. What should the respiratory therapist do FIRST to establish this patient’s airway?

  1. Head-tilt/chin-lift maneuver
  2. Modified jaw thrust maneuver
  3. Reposition the patient on their side
  4. Jaw thrust maneuver

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Modified Jaw Thrust

  1. Incorrect. The head-tilt/chin-lift maneuver is contraindicated in patients with possible spinal trauma.
  2. Correct. The jaw thrust maneuver is indicated in patients with possible spinal injury.
  3. Incorrect. Moving a patient with a possible spinal injury is contraindicated.
  4. Incorrect. The jaw thrust maneuver slightly extends the patient’s neck. This is contraindicated in a patient with possible spinal trauma. Use the modified jaw thrust maneuver instead.